How to choose the right online casino for playing for real money

Before you start the game, make sure that it is honest and stable, because only a proven casino is a pledge of a good real money game, which will only bring pleasure.

How can you be sure of the decency of the casino? To do this is very simple, it is enough just to check whether it corresponds to the proposed 6 features.

  1.  Check the online casino license. Any reliable casino provides its players with all the necessary regulatory documentation about the institution. Documents should be freely available. On the site of the casino you must find documents about where, when and by whom the institution was licensed. Also gambling houses are constantly tested by random number generators. It is carried out by a world-famous organization. The results of such a test and its date.
  2. Fast technical support work. Before the game, ask a very simple question that does not require special knowledge. If the casino really works well, then you will get the answer in a few minutes. If the answer has to wait long enough – it means a casino of very dubious quality, and it’s better to stay away from it.
  3. Pay attention to the speed of the withdrawal of money. A casino with good characteristics has quite a lot of different possibilities to withdraw money. Payment systems themselves are trying to establish cooperation with such casinos. If on the contrary, the opportunity to withdraw money only one or two, then it is better to look for a more reliable institution for the game.
  4. Visual design of the site. If you see any flaws in the design of the site, the colors are ugly chosen, then the casino is most likely fraudulent. The development of graphic design is a long and laborious work, to which scammers simply do not spend.
  5. System of bonuses and rewards. In a solid casino on a regular basis, a system of bonuses and incentives for players. The first bonus you get is already just for registration, the second, most likely for the first replenishment of the account. To get a bonus, the casino will put forward its demands, which you will need to fulfill. Many bonuses will need to be paid back, and this does not always work, but still give up the chance that is provided to you by the casino for free.
  6. And the last, read the reviews about the chosen casino on extraneous resources. On the site of the casino you can, most likely, find only laudatory odes. To make a real opinion about the casino you need to be as objective as possible.

Why is it necessary to verify an account in an online casino and how does it happen?

Many mistakenly believe that the requirement to confirm an account in the casino is a fad of operators. But this is an erroneous opinion. Since online casinos are associated with easy money, they must constantly be on their guard.

For security reasons, casinos require verification of players’ accounts. Thus, they minimize the likelihood that dishonest players will abuse the opportunities provided.

Opening an account in almost every online casino is accompanied by the provision of bonuses. Most of the bonuses one player can receive only once, such as a welcome bonus.

If users did not need to verify in the casino, then some players would create an unlimited number of accounts, and each time as a new player again get bonuses.

In order that this does not happen, the casino does not allow the withdrawal of money without verification. The player will be able to receive and take advantage of the bonuses, but before he can remove any money, he will need to verify the account.

Verification also prevents the playing of underage users. This is a standard requirement that is observed in all normal online casinos.

To confirm the account in the casino, the player needs to send copies of their documents (scan or photo), where there is a photo of the player. For this, a passport or driver’s license is suitable. You may also need a confirmation of your residence. In this case, checks are provided that confirm payment for utility services.

All this is sent to the support team, or is downloaded in a special section. The procedure for handing over, as well as the necessary documents, is better clarified in the support service, as the requirements in different casinos may differ.