This year Malta will host the Malta Poker Festival poker tournament in no-limit hold’em.

VideoSlots decided to give one of their players the opportunity to participate in this competition.

And you do not need to be a poker genius and win hundreds of poker players to earn a ticket. The ticket will be drawn according to the lottery principle.

How to participate and what does the winner get?

To participate, you will need to make a deposit of € 10 and above. For every € 10 a player is given 1 ticket. The more tickets, the higher the chances of winning the lottery. The winner gets a ticket worth € 1,500. This amount includes:

Air ticket round trip to Europe

Single room in a five-star hotel Hilton for 5 nights, breakfast included

Exclusive access to 4 parties

A ticket worth € 550 for the main tournament

Access to the casino buffet during the tournament

The prize fund is € 500,000 guaranteed. That is, with a large number of participants, the amount will increase. The main event will take place in several stages. The first stage will be stretched for 3 days from 1 to 3 November. At this time, up to 700 players participate daily.

Those who are selected for the second round, are going to November 4, the game continues until November 5.

And on November 6th he plays the final table with the contenders for the championship.

The action from VideoSlots will be held from August 1 to September 30. Most later by October 15, the winner will be determined.

Where will the tournament take place?
Casino Portomaso in Malta. Judging by the pictures, excellent location, around beauty, chic. I found a video where I do not understand the words, but without them everything is clear. There you can see and casinos, and hotels and the surrounding area.
Dress code in the casino

Keep in mind that the casino has a dress code. Do not think of coming in swimwear “Swimwear is not allowed”. After 8 pm, shorts and sleeveless shirts are not allowed. Here and so. If you suddenly win a trip to Malta, take the trouble to look at the video how decent people dress in the casino, and do not come in swimming trunks.

Prize money

The only thing I did not find is how the prize money will be distributed. Usually in such major poker tournaments not only the top 10 or 20 players win, but very many.

So you can count on a small win, even without being a professional poker player. Who is aware of how the prize money will be distributed, write in the comments.


I think this is a great opportunity for those who would like to have a great time in Malta. This island looks amazing, although probably an amateur.

There are fears that representatives of the Italian mafia visit there, as we already wrote in this article. But, it is believed that the new generation of Mafiosi is a rich, educated people who lead a chic way of life and do not arrange a shootout.